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Important Date Details
10.May.2024 Cable Fault Identification
15.Mar.2024 Humidity And Temperature Controller
08.Mar.2024 Borewell Inside GH
18.Mar.2024 PG Lab Hot Plates
27.Feb.2024 Borewell Nearer To Security Gate of GH
12.Feb.2024 Gunny Bags
09.Feb.2024 Aluminium Partition And False Ceiling
30.Jan.2024 Hiring Machinery
25.Jan.2024 Aluminium Partition And False Ceiling
22.Jan.2024 Wall Table
19.Jan.2024 Honda Brush Cutter
14.Jan.2024 AIST 2024 - Travel And Accomodation
13.Dec.2023 Blue Star Inverter Split AC
25-Oct-2023 Photocopier
19-Oct-2023 Fishing - Requotation
04-06-Oct-2023 Agriculture And Allied Subjects Books Exhibition
29-Sep-2023 Chain Link Fence With Barbed Wire
22-Sep-2023 LED Name Boards
13-Sep-2023 Fishing
13-Sep-2023 PED Uniforms
07-Sep-2023 Establishment of Lawn
22-Aug-2023 Hiring Machineries
17-Aug-2023 Materials And Drilling of New Borewell
16-Aug-2023 Horticulture Tour
16-Aug-2023 Agriculture Tour
04-Aug-2023 Single Stage Distillation Unit
03-Aug-2023 Teak Wood Conference Table
12-Jul-2023 Vacuum Emasculator
07-Jul-2023 Borewell
20-Jun-2023 Store Room Using GI Sheet - in Block B
20-Jun-2023 Multipurpose Hall Using GI Sheet - in Block B
18-May-2023 Horticulture - Engaging JCB
15-May-2023 Agronomy - JCB
18,19-Apr-2023 Inviting Healthy Refreshment Sellers
21-Apr-2023 Demolish And Reconstruct Compound Wall
15-Apr-2023 Supply of Desks And Benches To The Department of Agronomy
05-Apr-2023 Cement Concrete Flooring
30-Mar-2023 AGR - Farm Implements
27-Mar-2023 PBG - Glass House - Renovation & Repair
24-Mar-2023 Seed Technology - Pallet Truck With Weighing Scale
24-Mar-2023 Library Counter Table
23-Mar-2023 Rain Water Storage Sump
20-Mar-2023 Partition in Seed Storage Godown
13-Mar-2023 Horticulture - Drip System And Supply of Drip Materials
10-Mar-2023 Flame Photometer - Spectro Photometer
10-Mar-2023 Gym Equimpments
07-Mar-2023 Laptop For The Discipline of Seed Technology
10-Feb-2023 GI Pipes - Dept. of Horticulture
07-Feb-2023 New Jute Gunny Bags
23-Jan-2023 Protective Structure And Infrastructure in The Cropping Room
18-Jan-2023 Hiring Machinery For Rice Harvesting
18-Jan-2023 Fencing in The Department of Horticulture NHM HDP
05-Jan-2023 Air Conditioner
29-Dec-2022 Steel Sheet Roofing Parking Shed - Girls Hostel - South
26-Dec-2022 55 Inch LED TV
15-Dec-2022 Paddy Straw Drier
07-Dec-2022 KOHA Software Installation With 3 Years Maintenance
07-Dec-2022 Computer Servers, Clients For Library
24-Nov-2022 Bus For Study Tour
23-Nov-2022 Construction of Casing And Substrate Preparation Room
23-Nov-2022 Construction of Spawn Running Room
15-Nov-2022 L Shape Wall Work Table With Storage Module
07-Nov-2022 Materials For Physical Education And Sports
03-Nov-2022 T Shirt - Track Suit Lower
27-Oct-2022 Agricultural Microbiology Unit Instruments
18-Oct-2022 DBT SCS - Plant Pathology And Agricultural Microbiology - Equipments
18-Oct-2022 Milky Mushroom Spawn Production Unit Instruments
13-Oct-2022 Agronomy DBT SCS Instruments PhaseV
11-Oct-2022 Horticulture - JCB on Hire
07-Oct-2022 Agronomy-AH-Unit-DBT-SCS-Chaff-Cutter
30-Sep-2022 Aluminium Partition
12-Sep-2022 Farm Implements
09-Sep-2022 Microscope
09-Sep-2022 Malaise_Trap
05-Sep-2022 Blazer
23-Aug-2022 Horticulture - Drip Irrigation
19-Aug-2022 Dept. of AE&E - Purchase Inputs - Silpaulin Sheets
17-Aug-2022 Agronomy - DBT SCS - Farm Tools
12-Aug-2022 LCD Projector With Screen And Ceiling Kit
11-Aug-2022 Horticulture - DBT - SCS - Leaf Area Meter
11-Aug-2022 Horticulture - DBT - SCS - Work Table
28-Jul-2022 Dept. of AE&E - Purchase Inputs
08-Jul-2022 Agronomy - DBT - SCS - Agrl. Engg. Lab Models
05-Jul-2022 Agronomy - DBT - SCS - Instruments - 2
05-Jul-2022 Agronomy - DBT - SCS - Instruments - 1
15-Jun-2022 Flame_Photometer_Visible_Spectrophotometer
15-Jun-2022 Water_Distillation_Unit_Soxhlet_Apparatus_With_Heating_Mantle
15-Jun-2022 Wiley_Mill_0.25HP_Double_Ring_Infiltrometer
08-Jun-2022 Horticulture - NHM-HDP Project - Tools
07-Jun-2022 Laboratory_Chemicals
24-May-2022 Cabinet_Tray_Dryer
24-May-2022 Hot_Air_Oven
24-May-2022 Shrink_Wrapping_Machine
24-May-2022 Weighing_Balance
14-May-2022 Horticultural Tools
06-May-2022 IP PBX EPABX
07-Apr-2022 Power Weeder
15-Mar-2022 Flooring
08-Mar-2022 LED Smart TV
02-Mar-2022 Brush Cutter
28-Feb-2022 Flood Light To Volley Ball Court
>31-Jan-2022 Sprayer
24-Jan-2022 Deep Freezer
13-Jan-2022 Physical Education Uniforms
12-Jan-2022 Split AC
30-Dec-2021 Sprayers
07-Dec-2021 Laptop - Dell - Core i5
29-Nov-2021 Crown Coring Machine - Horticulture - PHT Laboratory
29-Nov-2021 Hand Sealing Machine - Horticulture - PHT Laboratory
29-Nov-2021 Pen Type pH Meter - Horticulture - PHT Laboratory
29-Nov-2021 Processing Table - Horticulture - PHT Laboratory
29-Nov-2021 Pulper - Horticulture - PHT Laboratory
04-Oct-2021 Supply of Sprayers
11-Aug-2021 Hiring of Machinery For Rice Cultivation
09-Nov-2020 Laptop
19-Oct-2020 Fishing
29-Sep-2020 New Gunny Bags