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Students attending online exam in campus using own laptop with Ubuntu Linux

  1. Since 2021, all 7 departments have 60 Mbps Internet connection each with WiFi
  2. Since 2018, Administrative building have 40 Mbps Internet connection with WiFi (earlier shared with Academic blocks and hostels)
  3. During Covid-19, successfully conducted off campus midsem and final exams in online mode and paper pen mode respectively, with online remote monitoring.
  4. During Covid-19, UG self supporting & NRI seats application call and processing done online successfully for the academic year 2020-21
  5. First in Karaikal to upgrade to 40 Mbps (in 2018) Internet connection from NMEICT (10 Mbps since 2012)
  6. First college in U.T. of Puducherry to have ac.in 2nd level domain (pajancoa.ac.in since 17.Sep.2003)
  7. First college in U.T. of Puducherry to conduct online university exams connecting to university online exam server (19.Sep.2008-Aug.2011)
  8. First college in India to run online exam server to conduct university mid semester exams without outsourcing (Aug.2011-Feb.2015)
  9. First college in Karaikal to use E-communications For Students / Staff (since Jun 2009)
  10. First WiFi enabled college campus in Karaikal (since May 2008)
  11. Computers with Internet connection are available in all Departments
  12. Computer center has 28 computers (9 All-in-One Desktops + 11 Hybrid Laptops + 8 Laptops)