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Important Date Details
13-Oct-2022 Agronomy DBT SCS Instruments PhaseV
07-Oct-2022 Agronomy-AH-Unit-DBT-SCS-Chaff-Cutter
30-Sep-2022 Aluminium Partition
12-Sep-2022 Farm Implements
09-Sep-2022 Microscope
09-Sep-2022 Malaise_Trap
05-Sep-2022 Blazer
23-Aug-2022 Horticulture - Drip Irrigation
19-Aug-2022 Dept. of AE&E - Purchase Inputs - Silpaulin Sheets
17-Aug-2022 Agronomy - DBT SCS - Farm Tools
12-Aug-2022 LCD Projector With Screen And Ceiling Kit
11-Aug-2022 Horticulture - DBT - SCS - Leaf Area Meter
11-Aug-2022 Horticulture - DBT - SCS - Work Table
28-Jul-2022 Dept. of AE&E - Purchase Inputs
08-Jul-2022 Agronomy - DBT - SCS - Agrl. Engg. Lab Models
05-Jul-2022 Agronomy - DBT - SCS - Instruments - 2
05-Jul-2022 Agronomy - DBT - SCS - Instruments - 1
15-Jun-2022 Flame_Photometer_Visible_Spectrophotometer
15-Jun-2022 Water_Distillation_Unit_Soxhlet_Apparatus_With_Heating_Mantle
15-Jun-2022 Wiley_Mill_0.25HP_Double_Ring_Infiltrometer
08-Jun-2022 Horticulture - NHM-HDP Project - Tools
07-Jun-2022 Laboratory_Chemicals
24-May-2022 Cabinet_Tray_Dryer
24-May-2022 Hot_Air_Oven
24-May-2022 Shrink_Wrapping_Machine
24-May-2022 Weighing_Balance
14-May-2022 Horticultural Tools
06-May-2022 IP PBX EPABX
07-Apr-2022 Power Weeder
15-Mar-2022 Flooring
08-Mar-2022 LED Smart TV
02-Mar-2022 Brush Cutter
28-Feb-2022 Flood Light To Volley Ball Court
>31-Jan-2022 Sprayer
24-Jan-2022 Deep Freezer
13-Jan-2022 Physical Education Uniforms
12-Jan-2022 Split AC
30-Dec-2021 Sprayers
07-Dec-2021 Laptop - Dell - Core i5
29-Nov-2021 Crown Coring Machine - Horticulture - PHT Laboratory
29-Nov-2021 Hand Sealing Machine - Horticulture - PHT Laboratory
29-Nov-2021 Pen Type pH Meter - Horticulture - PHT Laboratory
29-Nov-2021 Processing Table - Horticulture - PHT Laboratory
29-Nov-2021 Pulper - Horticulture - PHT Laboratory
04-Oct-2021 Supply of Sprayers
11-Aug-2021 Hiring of Machinery For Rice Cultivation
09-Nov-2020 Laptop
19-Oct-2020 Fishing
29-Sep-2020 New Gunny Bags