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eTender ID Details
2023_PAJAN_14408_1 Harvester (Type:Open Tender)
2023_PAJAN_13929_1 EStudio Setup (Type:Open Tender)
2023_PAJAN_13057_1 Construction of Oyster Mushroom Shed (Type:Open Tender)
2022_PAJAN_11557_1 Cropping Room For Milky Mushroom Production (Type:Open Tender)
2022_PAJAN_11083_1 Security Service (Type:Open Tender)
2022_PAJAN_10878_1 Suppy of Corrosion Resistant uPVC Pipes 4th Call (Type:Open Tender)
2021_PAJAN_7470_1 Suppy of Corrosion Resistant uPVC Pipes 3rd Call (Type:Open Tender)
2020_PAJAN_6255_1 Suppy of Corrosion Resistant uPVC Pipes 2nd Call (Type:Open Tender)
2020_PAJAN_6085_1 Suppy of Corrosion Resistant uPVC Pipes (Type:Open Tender)
2020_PAJAN_5778_1 Erection of Polyhouse 3rd Call (Type:Open Tender)
2019_PAJAN_5115_1 Erection of Polyhouse 2nd Call (Type:Open Tender)
2018_PAJAN_4187_1 Erection of Polyhouse 1st Call (Type:Open Tender)
2018_PAJAN_4186_1 PCR Machine with 384 Wells (Type:Open Tender)
2018_PAJAN_4185_1 Portable Chlorophyll Meter (Type:Open Tender)
2018_PAJAN_3328_1 Security Service (Type:Open Tender)
2016_PAJAN_2153_1 Security Service (Type:Open Tender)
2015_PAJAN_1526_1 Security Service (Type:Open Tender)
2015_PAJAN_1522_1 250KVA Diesel Generator Set (Type:Open Tender)